Practical lessons :
The practical lessons can be between 1 and 3 hours. It is of course possible to to drive several times a week depending on how fast you want to get your driving license. After a few lessons when you are used to handling the car we will be driving in the city. This is the area where you will take your driving test. Its always handy if you are familiar with the exam routes.

The lessons are built up step by step from easy to more difficult, and are maintained with an instruction card . The practical lessons will be conducted in the following phases :

Stage 1 : Vehicle Control
We start the training with learning the controls of the car. Starting and stopping ,steering, gearing or reversing. These are the basics for the rest of the course . It is very important that you have mastered the basics , as this is the foundation for the later coming lessons . This stage will be taught in a quiet area.

Phase 2: Traffic Participation

Once you`ve got the hang of controlling the car , we take it a step further. We go into the traffic then the real driving begins. You should be able to do many things at the same time , such as gears, braking , steering, observing ,evaluating , making decisions , reacting , anticipating , etc. In the beginning it is quite difficult but you are not alone , I ‘m going to be coaching and helping you though the traffic. During these lessons  you will build confidence and bit by bit will take over the driving tasks until eventually your driving independently. We will also be learning the special manoeuvres that you need to know such as the hill start, turning, parking and stopping.

Stage 3: Understanding and Experience
At this stage, the control of the car and the traffic participation is going very good. Now we are going to practice more difficult traffic situations. We can also take a mock exam. We will also practice driving  independent routes without me giving directions for example, driving with navigation or following signs.

Practical Exam:

A practical exam lasts about 55 minutes . Of those 55 minutes you will drive for approximately 40 minutes. The test always starts at the test center in Leiden and will always be taken in the car in which you took your lessons. You may also take me with you if you like, I will sit in the back behind you. This is your choice you may also go alone if you prefer.

Once at the test center we will be called into the examiners room and after greeting each other you will be asked for your identification (this must be a valid document).
The examiner will then explain a few simple rules. He will tell you that you will be asked to drive with the navigation system and he will ask you to perform two special manoeuvres, after that we go outside to the car. Whilst outside you will be asked to read a car number plate at a distance of about 25 meters (eye test).
After the eye test you will be asked a few simple questions about the car (tyres, lights, checking oil etc)then its down to the driving.
The examiner assesses whether you can drive safely and independently and if you keep sufficient account of other road users . The examiner will note , among other things :

  •         your control of the car
  •         Observations
  •         Obeying traffic rules and regulations
  •        Overtaking
  •         joining and leaving the motorway
  •         driving at intersections and roundabouts
  •         special manoeuvres

During the exam , you will get every opportunity to show what you can do .It doesn`t have to be perfect, it has to be safe. The examiner will look at the whole journey not just little parts. You need to show that you can drive safely and independently without help.
Once back at the test center you will get the result.