Before you can take your driving test you must first pass a theoretical exam. You can take a theory test if you are 16 years or older. You may already apply for your theory exam a few months before you turn 16.
Before you can pass the theory test successfully  you need to study .Driving school Yvonne Wood offers an online study package . This consists of a digital theory book where each chapter is concluded with an interactive test , 50 theoretical exams to practice , hazard perception training with the help of animation and a practical instruction with 3D movies. One advantage of this online package is that it is constantly revised and kept up to date with any changes in the law.You also get a theory book so that no matter where you are you can study for example on the train or in the bus.
The price for the theory exam is also included in the price .

How does the theory exam work?
Your theory test takes about 45 minutes. The exam proceeds as follows:
First you get an explanation of a CBR employee .
Then you begin your exam.Your questions will be multiple choice,yes/no questions and open questions.
For each question you will see a traffic situation on a large tv monitor.You will have to imagine that you are the driver of the car.
The theory test consists of two parts . 1. Hazard . You get 25 questions on hazard perception. You have 8 seconds to answer a question. This seems short, but as a driver you often have less time and have to decide quicker! You must have 13 or more questions correctly to pass this section of the theory test. 2. Traffic regulations and traffic insight . You get 30 questions about traffic  rules and regulations and 10 questions about traffic insight . You must answer 35 questions or more to pass this section of the theory test.

Classroom or individual
The classroom exam you take in an  exam hall along with other candidates . The individual test you take  alone in a room with a theory employee . The questions are asked in the same way as in the classroom exam.

The results
After the exam , you must wait a few minutes and you will get the results . The employee tells you whether you have passed or failed. You will get a form where you can see how many questions you have answered correctly or incorrectly.It will also tell you in which catagories you answered incorrectly. If you passed your theory test it is valid for 18 months,this gives you plenty of time to pass your driving test.If you don`t take a driving test or don`t pass in the 18 months you will have to retake your theory test.