The different courses

Trial lesson/assessment

A trial lesson lasts 75 minutes and costs €50. In that time , I will look at the ability of the student and I can make an estimate of the amount of lessons required . This is always an estimate . It will also give you a chance to meet me and decide if you would like to take lessons with me and if you feel comfortable with the car. After the lesson there is no pressure and no strings attached, you can go away and think about it.

Most people opt for packages because they are cheaper ( this saves €2, – per lesson ) . I have a 10 hour package. A beginner usually needs ( of course there are always exceptions ) 35 to 45 hours of tuition , whereas a more experienced student  often needs less. You can decide how many lessons you want to take in a week thus how quickly you want to take your driving test.

Single classes
Of course there are individual lessons available . Incase you don`t want to take a package or after the trial lesson would like to take a few more lessons to help you decide if driving is for you. These 60 minute lessons cost €60,-.

Refresher Course

Is this you or do you recognize any of these in yourself?

  • I`ve got my license but haven’t driven for years.
  • I drive around looking for an easy parking place.
  • I daren’t drive in multi story car parks.
  • I`m hesitant at junctions.
  • To afraid to drive after an accident.
  • I avoid the motorway.
  • I’m afraid to drive in the dark or in bad weather.
  • I don`t understand roundabouts.
  • I don`t like driving in busy traffic.

If so you can book a refresher course….5 hours tuition costs €300