Mock exam

Mock exam (tussetijdsetoets TTT)

An mock exam ( TTT ) is a driving test that runs like a real exam and is conducted by an examiner at the Driving Test center ( CBR ) in Leiden . The only difference is that you can not pass or fail .The mock exam is taken about three quarters of the way through your course and its designed to give you an idea of how you would perform for your real driving test. You will drive a test route and afterwards it will be discussed with you. The examiner will tell you which parts of your driving are good and what needs to improve to ensure that you pass your real exam. People who have taken the mock exam often say that they were less stressed and nervous because they knew exactly what to expect. If you perform  two special manoeuvres well on your mock test you will not have to do them again on your driving test so you can already earn a part of the real test. The special manoeuvres are the hill start, stopping, parking and turning. Another advantage of taking a mock exam is that your chances of a first time pass on your real test improve by 20%.